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Micron Automation (Qingdao) Co., Ltd

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About us

Micron Automation (Qingdao) Co., Ltd is a specialized company dedicated in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of linear motor, torque motor and direct-drive motition platform. We are also an integrated motition solution provider.

Our products include linear motor with iron-core, U type linear motor without iron-core, DDR motor, linear motition module, precision motition platform. These products and solution have been applied in precision laser manufacturing equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, intelligentized testing devices and multi-axis machining centers etc.

Our R&D team with high expertise & innovation characters and company possessing advanced R&D and manufacturing equipment and testing center are capable to provide customers with high-quality products and professional motition system & solutions.

Corporate philosophy:
Business with integrity and profession, Service with thoughtfulness and efficiency.


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